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Since my debut, I have done hundreds of photoshoots with many talented models from all over the world. You can read some of their testimonials here!

First specialized in cosplay photography, I fell in love with fantasy photography and the creative possibilities it offers: imagining a concept from A to Z with my models and bringing it to life gives the final images a special flavor. Working with animals or making simpler or more intimate portraits are other aspects of my work that I especially like, and this, always with the same approach: photographing the light of all beings and the beauty of their bonds. 

I had the opportunity to work as a photographer for international competitions such as the Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay, to be invited to various events, to travel to various countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium...), to present conferences about photography - at Japan Expo for example - and to take photos for books. My work has been a finalist in photo competitions such as the Phocus Awards, where I won second place in 2021.

I live in Strasbourg, France, but travel two to three times a year to French-speaking Switzerland, where I come from, and to the Paris region. If you wish to meet me in another country, or for any other question concerning my work, I invite you to read my FAQ and then to contact me here :) 

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Cosplay, Fantasy and Portrait Photographer

I'm Sandy, a portrait photographer for ten years who loves to give life to our dreams in images full of lights, colors and poetry.


My drawing, Art and Litterature studies as well as my love for nature have a huge influence on my work. To me, each photo is a painting that tells a story: water spirits, warrior divinities or fantastic creatures, my models become the characters of a story that we write together, in images.

I pay a very special attention to the colors ​and lights on my photos, in order to make each image magical and unic. But it is also very important to me to guide my models, to help them with posing and with feeling comfortable and beautiful during the photoshooting, as well as on the final pictures.

​I especially like taking photos outside, with natural light, in gorgeous places that will serve the story we want to tell. I have a certain preference for nature, beautiful castles and ruins full of History, water and flowers.

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