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Samedi 16- Dimanche 17 Avril

For each booking during this event, you'll benefit from 10% voucher on any photosession during 2022 !

Depuis des années, je réalise avec passion des photos de vos cosplays lors de ce week-end si spécial. Pour la première fois, il est possible de m'y booker ! Vous pouvez pour l'occasion profiter de ces deux formules découverte à tarif spécial, valables uniquement durant cet événement.

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Modèle : LucioleS, Shiro, Soryane, Syf

Mini Discovery Session

Mini sessions close to the lake to immortalize your costume in this stunning location ! 

From 15 to 20. The metting point, near the lake, will be communicated before the event.

Each session includes a short time to meet and discuess abour the poses, and the taking of photos with various poses so you have the choice. A preselection of ~10 photos will be sent to you within one week.

1 photo / 10 min : 50 €

2 photos / 15 min : 80 € 

3 photos / 20 min : 110 €

Additional picture: 30€

Additional model : + 20€

Session before or after the event

Photoshoots in the morning or after the event, at the end of the day, where we can take more time, do more poses and go to different places such as the church, the white stair and the white balcony, the beach, etc.

A preselection of ~20 photos will be sent to you within one week.

3 photos / 30 minutes : 130 €

Additional picture: 30€

Addition model : + 20€

Modèle : Cide, Shiro, LucioleS
Modèle : LucioleS 

Some infos ! :)

  • Mini-sessions at the lake will all be at the same place, near the lake, as I won't have the time to move from a place to another between each session. Those quick mini-sessions at the same place allow me to propose this special price, while stil being able to get a time of sharing with each of you and to assure myself you get the photos you want.


  • 30 minutes photosessions before or after the con are more similar to my usual photoshootings, in shorter of course. They allow to shoot further away from the con (there are plenty of nice locations in Montreux!) and to take more time, far from the con's agitation, to variate more poses and backgrounds. But it is also possible to shoot on the rocks near the lake if you want to ! 


  • Before each session, if I don't know the character, I will do some researches about them if I don't know them yet. And I'll be there to guide you with poses of course ! For 30 min shoots, I can also prepare at your demand a mood board with poses ideas, ref images, etc.

  • I'll have a helper with me, but if you also have one, it's even better ! :)


  • Photos will be taken only outdoor.

  • The photos included in your formula will be sent within two months from the day you will have sent me your selection. A first photo will be sent within one month.

  • The payment is made as usual, in 2 or 3 times : I ask for a 30% deposit when we sign the contrat, then 30% after we did the session. The 40% can also be paid at this moment, or later, before I send you the edited photos. ​

  • If you have any question about the way I work, how you can use the photos, you can contact me here or per e-mail :

You can book your session through this form : 

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